Sunday, April 11, 2010

Anything Animal

I once was offered to do a shoot with my pet dog... I don't remember why I said no.


  1. Hey baby girl,
    sorry for the belated reply back. I've missed you something major! Like the dress I have pre-planned for my 21st? Even if I do change my mind 1000000 times :P
    Thanks for the other comments as well, the zoo is so much fun my boyfriend and I love it!


  2. Hey gorgeous thanks for your comments!
    The ELLERY business I posted about was that the quality of the clothing isn't that great :( I found out the hard way - finding the dress I loved online not be be that awesome in real life!

    I will most definitely do a post on what I believe to be the best shops in Melbourne. Look out for it. I'll write it up within the next 24 hours :)

    Goodluck with the move to Sydney...I want to see more posts from you!


    p.s. it looks as if im stalking your blog from all my comments back lol