Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Well hello there ...

This week I have a trial at another restaurant. But why you may ask?? Why would you do that when you already work at a cafe? Well the answer is money. I think you you asked anyone anything and they said money it would all make sense.

But yes, money. Not so much the lack of it (that too) but more regularity of it. If that makes sense. Today I will leave the house. I know. Huge. And be productive. Yes I will.

I think I might try and find somewhere exciting to study. If that's possible. If anyone knows anything about existentialism hook me up.

In the mean time I will leave you with facebook status 101.

Roowwww xxx

me: is going to throw out her phone so will be relying on fb and email alot more now just soo you know xxx
jojo: whhhhattt why are you throwing out your phone?!
me: its so annoying i hate it i still have landline!!
maddy: can i have it!
me: yeah no worries.
maddy: haha are you serious?
me: i hate being contactable ... :/ maybe i should go back in time and be a caveman. i think that look woud suit me. the long unbrushed hair, the oneshoulder fur cape all makes sense
maddy: ahah it can still happen babe - become a hermit. they're the little guys who live in the bush and steal campers foods and never talk to anybody and we were all really scared of them at timbertop
me: like a yettie? i think im already like that for the most part. i know im pretty scary (looking anyway) and i steal food all the time. but i stil want to be able to play restaurat cit.
maddy: haha no they're called hermits! ahaha you're not scary looking, you're cyute. mm yeah you'll have trouble playing restaurant city in the bush
me: whats that other one called? big foot? i look like a cross between him and that ALF guy do you remember that show? Alf.?? your probably too young.. . it was this sho where there was a normal family and some guy in a costume he was part of the family how strange.
Matt: Alf was an alien Giv...(Alf stood for Alien Life Form) his little space ship crashed into the roof of the family house, and he lived there until he got the space ship parts and went back to Nelmack (his home planet). You can't be Alf. Firstly...he was two feet tall. Secondly...he ate cats. You are too tall, and non cat eating to be Alf.
me:did you end up ever seeing a hermit at timbertop? are you sure it wasn't me? tav tav thank you for your explanation of that sho i as always wondering why they didn't look at him strange.

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  1. hi! wow i'm jealous. my hair's shoulder length (used to be longer) with a straight fringe. recently i have been really envious of longer semi-wavy hair, like in those pics. grr why wont mine grow faster! haha

    ps: i very much like those pics in "credit to tig-fashion"- yum